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Map of Washington

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Where is Washington ?

Located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Washington (WA) is bordered by Oregon on the south, Idaho on the east, and Canada on the north. This detailed map of Washington depicts all the natural and man-made attractions in the state.
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About Washington Map :

This map of Washington shows the state sharing boundaries with Oregon, Idaho, and Canada as well as the Pacific Ocean. Besides depicting the international and state boundaries, the Washington state map also shows inter-state, state highways, and railway lines. The capital city of Olympia, other important cities and natural features like lakes and forests are shown on the map. Tourists attractions such as Cascade Mountains, Liberty Bay, San Juan Island, and Mineral Springs are clearly marked on the map.

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History of Washington

Washington was the site where the oldest and most complete skeletal remains of what is called the Kennewick Man were discovered, showing evidence of habitation since that time onward. Several Native American tribes have been known to inhabit the land.

The Spanish were the first to arrive among the European colonialists, aboard the Santiago in 1775. Other countries which have laid claim to the land include Britain and Russia as well as the newly formed United States. The land was granted statehood of the United States on November 11, 1889, thus becoming the forty-second state of the country.

Considered a part of the Pacific Northwest, it is the north-western most state in the US mainland. The state is home both to the Clearwater as well as the Snake River. It consists further of the Cascade range which divides the state into two portions: western and eastern.

The western part of Washington has a marine west coast climate, rainfall during winters and dry summers and mostly the temperatures are mild. The eastern part on the other hand is relatively drier in terms of climate with steppe and arid and semi-arid land.

Travel Attractions of Washington
Washington state has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. There are several attractions in this beautiful state. The 100-year-old Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle is one such attraction. The very first Starbucks is also located here.

Other must-see places include Mount Ranier National Park, Leavenworth (A Bavarian themed village), Seattle center, Riverfront Park, Olympic National Park, Ocean Shores, Mount St. Helens, Seattle Art Museum, and so on.

The state has a solid emphasis on education with over 40 institutions that provide higher education. The Washington state is home to some major research universities as well as private colleges. Some of the more notable institutions in the state include University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington University, Eastern Washington University, Central Washington University, the Evergreen State College, and so on.

Last Updated On : June 08, 2015

The official flag of Washington consists of seal of the state on a dark green background. It was adopted in 1925.
Official Name Washington
Area71,362 sq mi (184,827 km2)
Population7,061,530 (2014 est)
Largest CitySeattle
Official LanguageEnglish (de facto)
Time ZonePacific: UTC 8/7
GovernorJay Inslee
Lt. GovernorBrad Owen
U.S. SenatorMaria Cantwell, Patty Murray
AbbreviationWA, US-WA
Joined the UnionNovember 11, 1889
NicknameThe Evergreen State
Highest PointMount Rainier
Lowest PointPacific Ocean

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