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Illinois Map (IL)

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Where is Illinois ?
The 25th most extensive and 5th most populous state of the 50 states of US is Illinois (IL). The state is a major transportation hub. IL boasts of many major US cities like Chicago, Springfield, etc. The state is bordered by Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.
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About Illinois Map - This map of Illinois depicts the boundaries of the state. It also represents highways, state highways, rail lines, airports, major cities, other cities, etc. The state capital Springfield and the various rivers, lakes, vegetation, National Parks, forests are also highlighted. Major attractions around the state area are also featured.

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Illinois is the fifth most populous and twenty-fifth largest state in the entire United States. The state is a major transportation hub, boasting major US cities like Chicago and Springfield. Illinois shares borders with Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.
The capital of Illinois is Springfield, and its largest city is Chicago, which is the third most populous city in the United States. Illinois has a total population of almost 13 million, and an area of about 57,914 square miles (149,998 square kilometers).

Originally inhabited by Native American tribes including Cahokia and the Illinois Confederation, Illinois was explored by Europeans beginning in 1673. While the region of the continent east of the Appalachian Mountains became colonized and settled by Europeans, the regions west of the mountains remained Native American territory, which would become the Northwest Territory in 1783. That territory was divided into several states, and the Illinois Territory was made on February 3, 1809.

Illinois was admitted to the Union in 1818, becoming the twenty-first state.

Bustling Illinois Cities
Chicago is the largest amongst the Illinois Cities. It is the third most populated city of the United States of America. Apart from Chicago, there are six other cities, which boast of a population of more than 1 lakh. These cities are Aurora, Rockford, Naperville, Joliet, Springfield and Peoria. Springfield is the capital of Illinois State. Apart from transportation, population, location and geography, the map of Illinois also depicts the huge number of golf courses such as Alsip, Avon and many more which are situated in various cities of the place. Tourists visiting the renowned museums of Illinois can get a fair idea about the location of the same through the map of the state. Illinois Museum Map, Illinois Golf Course Map, Illinois River Map, Illinois Road Map are some of the different types of maps available with These maps come in various sizes and resolutions for the benefit of the browsers.

Illinois Real Estate
Illinois is a flourishing state and homes in Illinois sell fast. When in Illinois, real estate license is needed for a career in the industry. Illinois apartment rentals are not very expensive. Houses for sale in Illinois and Illinois homes can be easily found on the Illinois real estate market listings online.

Illinois Schools/Colleges
In education, Illinois prides itself on quality. Apart from schools in Illinois, there are many universities for higher education. The Southern Illinois University, the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Western Illinois University are among the well-known University of Illinois.

Insurance in Illinois
Insurance is an important sector in Illinois. Major companies sponsor health insurance in Illinois. The health insurance in Illinois is promoted as comprehensive schemes that cover a large section of probable mis-happenings. In Illinois business license is needed to work in the insurance sector.

Hotels in Illinois
One can stay at a hotel in Illinois while vacation or stay at local bed and breakfast inns. Illinois vacations typically consist of seeing the places of historic importance and the prairie countryside. While at Illinois one would also want to see the City of Rockford and stay in its hotels as the city offers good stay opportunities.

The various Illinois hotels suit the budget of every traveler. The hotels range from the budget category to the luxurious ones. All types of facilities are provided to make one's stay memorable. Most of these hotels house a conference room, which benefits the business traveler.

Chicago is home to a number of luxury hotels. Some of the famous hotels are Hotel Marriott Lincolnshire Resort, Hotel Hilton Suites Oakbrook Terrace, Hotel Hyatt Deerfield, Hotel Oak Brook Hills Marriott Resort and Hotel Doubletree Oak Brook. The restaurants are multi cuisine and offer mouth watering delicacies.

Illinois Mortgage
In Illinois mortgage, one's property is carried out quickly and easily by the many Broker present in the state. In Illinois mortgage loan can be effortlessly got. The state has efficient laws to manage mortgage and refinancing of property.

Last Updated On : April 07, 2014

The official flag of Illinois consists of the seal of Illinois on the white background with the name of the state "Illinois" below the seal.
NicknamePrairie State
Joined the Union December 3, 1818 (21th state)
Largest CityChicago
Area57,914 sq miles
Highest PointCharles Mound
Lowest PointConfluence of Mississippi River and Ohio River
Time ZoneCentral Time (UTC−06:00)