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Climate is popularly known as Weather which is subjected to variation and changes due to factors like latitude, altitude, land ratio to water, and closeness to oceans and mountains. Climate comes from the Greek word "Clime".
Attributes like temperature, duration of the sunlight and latitudinal distance from the equator determine climate in many ways.

Climate is categorized on the basis of temperature and precipitation, which is mostly done by Koppen classification system, or Thornthwaite climate system. The climatic zones of the earth are divided from latitude to tropical and from mid-latitude to polar. Latitude to tropical climate is based on temperature and the weather is generally hot during this time of the zone. Mid latitude are usually moderate in nature and is usually categorized by four distinct seasons of winter-spring-summer-autumn. Polar climates generally tend to be cooler with long winters.

Climate is also divided in different categories like continental or maritime. Climate is even categorized into "wet" and "dry" seasons when it related in terms of monsoons. Climate change refers to the variation in the Earth's global climate or in regional climates over time. Climate changes are the variations that take place within the Earth's atmosphere, due to oceanic impact or due to human activity.

Climates are also affected by external factors like variations in solar radiation, the Earth's orbit, and greenhouse gas concentrations. Climate is usually the average condition of weather which changes as per the earth's environmental change.

Last Updated Date: May 18, 2016