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Map highlights location of Spain in Europe with its boundary touching Africa

Is Spain in Europe?

Yes, Spain is a European country and is located in southwestern part of the continent. The country, which is officially known asRead More

Guam is a US territory. Not an independent country.

Is Guam A Country?

No, Guam is not an independent country. It is an unincorporated territory of the United States of America. Guam is the largestRead More

Europe Map highlighting countries that follow Eurail pass

What is the Eurail Pass?

Buy This Map First introduced in 1959, the Eurail Pass is your all-in-one ticket to access extensive rail networks, and some ferries, across 28Read More

Germany map highlighting what was East and West Germany once

Is East Germany a Country?

Buy This Map East Germany (formally the German Democratic Republic), also called Deutsche Demokratische Republik or Ostdeutschland, was a socialist state thatRead More

Map highlighting Monaco and France

Is Monaco part of France?

No. Monaco, officially called Principality of Monaco, is an independent country and city-state. The monarchy is headed by the Sovereign Prince AlbertRead More