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Dead Sea Travel Information

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Dead Sea

Dead Sea is 400 meters below sea level and is believed to have healing powers.

The Dead Sea is three million years old and 400 meters below sea level and is known to be the lowest surface on the planet. There are beliefs regarding the Dead Sea having healing properties. For this reason, its salt and minerals are used in cosmetics and a large number of people visit this place to seek therapy and relaxation.

The relationship being the Dead Sea and the ancient city of Sodom revolves around the fact that the people in that region, according to the Quran were evil and immoral. Hence, the Quran mentions God’s decision to punish the people of Sodom and to destroy everything. The Dead Sea therefore is the symbol of destruction. There have been some stories regarding the Prophet Muhammad trying to discourage people from visiting the Dead Sea because, according to him, whoever did so would suffer the same punishment as the people of living in that region had. However, whoever does end up visiting the Dead Sea is recommended to recall the story of the Prophet Lut who resided in the city of Sodom and who was known to be one of the righteous, according to the Quran.

Dead Sea Map

Dead Sea Location Map

Location map of Dead Sea

Facts about Dead Sea

  • Dead Sea salt is extremely bitter. It doesn’t taste anything similar to table salt.
  • Cleopatra had ordered cosmetic factories to be built along the shores of the Dead Sea. Its shores are also the lowest elevation on earth,
  • The Dead Sea is in fact a saltwater lake that gets water flown into in but not out of it.
  • The bed of the Dead Sea has nourishing black minerals for the skin that can be spread on oneself.
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Where is Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea is located in the Middle East and is bordered by Israel and Jordan. It’s about 15 miles east of Jerusalem.

Best Time To Visit Dead Sea

Late fall to early summer is the best time to visit the Dead Sea. The weather is nice around that time and it’s not very crowded either. Tourists should avoid visits on Fridays because the Jordan Tourism Board mentions that local visitors tend to go there on Fridays.

More about Dead Sea

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Published On: Wednesday, July 17th, 2013