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World Map Showing Political Stability and Absence of Violence/Terrorism Index
The World Map Depicts How Nations Score on the Political Stability


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Business and innovation flourish in nations which are politically stable and have a lack of violence or terrorism. These are usually well-developed nations and their citizens enjoy high standards of living. Meanwhile politically unstable nations which are victims of violence or terrorism-related incidents find it tough to provide their citizens with good living standards and are also unable to attract business.

Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization publish the Global Innovation Index which ranks the nations around the world by their capacity for, as well as success in, innovation. The index is based on several indicators and the higher rank a nation gets the more innovative it is.

The political stability and absence of violence/terrorism indicator ranks the nations on the basis of their political stability and also the lack of violence or terrorism, which is essential for innovation to thrive. According to the Global Innovation Index published in 2016, New Zealand is the top ranking nation on the 2014 Political stability and absence of violence/terrorism indicator and has a score of 100. New Zealand has the most stable government in the world and has also witnessed lack of violence and terror-related incidents. Coming at the second spot is Luxembourg with a score of 97.43, while Austria stands third with a score of 95.05. other countries that are ranked at the top and have scores of more than 90 are Finland, Switzerland, Iceland, Singapore, Canada, Norway, and Malta.

Some of the countries that scored between 70 and 90 are Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Bhutan, Germany, Mongolia, Denmark, UAE, Belgium, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, among others. Meanwhile, some nations that stand somewhere in-between in terms of political stability and absence of violence and terrorism and have scores between 50 and 70 are China, Indonesia, South Africa, Kuwait, Serbia, South Korea, Bulgaria, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Greece, Vietnam, etc.

Meanwhile standing at the bottom of the table with scores of less than 30 are Egypt, Lebanon, Mali, Ukraine, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Yemen. Among these, Yemen stands right at the bottom of the table, is the most politically unstable nation and is prone to violence and terror-related incidents. The nation has a score of 0.

The table below provides information the scores of each nation on the political stability and absence of violence/terrorism indicator.

Country Score
New Zealand 100
Luxembourg 97.43
Austria 95.05
Finland 94.8
Switzerland 93.81
Iceland 93.74
Singapore 93.36
Canada 92.12
Norway 91.02
Malta 90.59
Australia 89.77
Sweden 89.59
Ireland 89.39
Netherlands 88.86
Botswana 88.28
Slovakia 88.25
Japan 88.24
Uruguay 87.73
Qatar 87.72
Bhutan 87.64
Czech Republic 86.91
Denmark 86.33
Germany 86.11
Mongolia 84.39
Poland 84.39
United Arab Emirates 83.13
Slovenia 82.59
Portugal 82.58
Lithuania 82.38
Estonia 81.77
Mauritius 81.2
Belgium 80.63
Hungary 80.29
Cyprus 79.93
Oman 79.25
Costa Rica 78.55
United States of America 78.29
Namibia 78.21
Croatia 77.81
Latvia 76.66
Italy 75.25
Chile 75.15
Albania 74.63
United Kingdom 73.81
France 71.71
Malaysia 71.31
Spain 70.73
Macedonia 69.05
Montenegro 68.71
Zambia 67.97
Dominican Republic 67.53
Republic of Korea 67.49
Serbia 67.32
Kuwait 66.24
Belarus 65.93
Malawi 65.81
Panama 65.26
Jamaica 65.05
Bulgaria 64.89
Romania 64.78
Argentina 64.73
Kazakhstan 64.19
Benin 64.09
Greece 63.46
Vietnam 62.78
Ecuador 62.62
Brazil 62.51
Cambodia 61.86
Nicaragua 61.69
Bosnia and Herzegovina 61.29
South Africa 60.98
Rwanda 60.37
Moldova 60.34
Senegal 59.69
Ghana 59.63
El Salvador 59.14
Togo 58.77
Paraguay 57.86
Armenia 57.75
Georgia 57.05
Saudi Arabia 56.94
Sri Lanka 56.63
Mozambique 54.13
Bolivia 53.9
Indonesia 53.68
Morocco 53.04
China 51.34
Azerbaijan 50.37
Honduras 50.05
Peru 49.87
Tanzania 49.51
Madagascar 49.31
Jordan 48.94
Guatemala 46.89
Tajikistan 46
Philippines 45.38
Nepal 45.35
Mexico 44
Kyrgyzstan 43.33
Burkina Faso 43.26
Venezuela 42.33
Russian Federation 41.95
Bangladesh 41.06
Burundi 40.63
Iran 40.28
Thailand 40.27
Uganda 39.74
Guinea 39.7
Tunisia 39.64
Bahrain 39.44
Cameroon 39.36
India 38.95
Israel 38.14
Côte d’Ivoire 37.64
Turkey 36.51
Colombia 34.98
Algeria 33.72
Ethiopia 32.01
Niger 31.34
Kenya 31.3
Egypt 23.49
Lebanon 20.04
Mali 19.62
Ukraine 14.88
Nigeria 10.47
Pakistan 2.27
Yemen 0

(Data sourced from Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization)


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