WW-I German Submarine Wreck Resurfaces on Northern France Beach

  • The wreckage of a World War-I German submarine has resurfaced on a northern France sea beach after being buried in the sand for decades. The WW-I submarine UC-61 was stranded at Wissant in July 1917. Around 330 feet (100m) from the dunes, during low tide the abandoned submarine’s two parts are seen since December 2018. The submarine’s vessel was flooded by the crew at the time of World War-I and abandoned after that. Bernard Bracq, the mayor of Wissant (near Calais of France), said that “The wreck is visible briefly every two to three years”. He also pointed out that a good gust of wind may lead to the disappearance of the wreck again. However, local tour guides believe the winds and tides could also lead to exposing more of the UC-61 U-boat.