Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak Claims 259 Lives, US and Australia Impose Travel Ban on Foreigners who Visited China Recently

  • Wuhan Coronavirus has claimed 259 lives until now, increasing the death toll by around 6-times than it was a few days back. China’s National Health Commission has said that they have found 2,102 new confirmed infection cases on Friday, thereby bringing the total confirmed cases to 11,791. The infection is spreading worldwide from China and until now at least 22 countries (including the United States, Australia, and Germany) have confirmed at least 137 cases. The World Health Organization (WHO) is urging countries all over the world to take adequate steps and precautions to identify people affected by Wuhan coronavirus so that the infection doesn’t spread in other countries through human-to-human transmission. Many countries (including the US, Australia, Japan, Russia, Italy, and Pakistan) have started imposing travel restrictions on all foreign visitors who had recently visited China to control the rapid spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.