US Justice Department Orders To Seize Iranian Oil Tanker

  • As per news updates, the Justice Department of the United States (US) has recently issued a warrant in order to seize the detained Iranian oil tanker. This warrant came into existence within the span of a day after the judge of Gibraltar directed to release Grace 1 supertanker. Interestingly, the tanker is believed to carry 2.1m barrels of oil. Meanwhile, Grace 1 was captured on July 4, 2019 as there was suspicion against the Iranian oil tanker that it was transporting oil illegally to Syria. Moreover, one last legal attempt for keeping the detained tanker was finally rejected by the Judge of Gibraltar on Thursday, August 15, 2019. Furthermore, the United States has charged Iranian oil tanker on the basis of the charges like bank fraud, terrorism statutes and money laundering.

    Map f USA

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