UN Security Council backs action in Mali

  • On Thursday, the United Nations Security Council unanimously approved a resolution to send thousands of troops into Mali and assist in an ouster of the Al Qaeda militants who have currently set up camp there. The Islamist terrorist group, Al Qaeda, has most of northern Mali in its control and has organized a vast training camp which threatens to disrupt the peace and security of neighboring states. In a resolution sponsored by France, the Security Council has approved of military action but the approval is not without restraint. The military intervention will only happen when Mali’s army is trained and political stability is reinstated in the desert nation. Ever since a coup in March, Mali’s political scenario has been one fraught with many tensions. Elections must also be held in the country, specified the UN.  3,300 soldiers to aid the action will be supplied by a group of West African nations. It is likely that Mali will see action in September or October 2013.

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