U.S. watched as Syria prepared attack

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    New reports as a result of some leaked U.S. declassified intelligence records and diplomatic cables show that the White House had been long aware of Syria's efforts to put together the chemical weapons for the attack. 

    These documents indicate that Assad, along with his father, who ruled for decades prior to him had been importing chemicals through companies from not only the likely suspects such as Iran and the Soviet Union but also suppliers from Europe and America. With the help of these imports Syria was able to put together weapons such as sarin and VX. 

    A former security advisor for George W. Bush said the foreign governments and the U.S. knew about these developments but there were always other urgent priorities that required attention. "It was an issue that was always there, but never rose to the top of the world's agenda," he said. 

    Similar reports regarding the UK suggest that two British companies were responsible for exporting sodium fluoride to Syria. A member of the UK Parliament said they believed that even though export licenses for this key ingredient in sarin had been granted, nothing of this sort had actually been delivered. 

    "Now we know that in the build-up to the Syrian civil war, UK companies- with the backing of our government- were supplying this potentially lethal substance."

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