Two British teens attacked in Zanzibar

  • Two British teens, Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup, volunteering as teachers at a local school were attacked with acid in the African island of Zanzibar. Both have suffered injuries but have now been discharged from the hospital. 

    According to an official, the two attackers threw acid while passing by several white tourists so this could be a planned attack. Authorities have condemned the attack and have reminded their people about the importance of tourism in the region. 

    Gee had also been slapped in the face about two weeks ago by a woman who was upset about the fact that the tourist wouldn't stop singing during Ramadan. 

    The Zanzibar government said "the event is a great tragedy, and an attack of this nature against a foreign citizen, has never happened here before."

    The government has mentioned its plans of regulating the purchase of acids and related products. 

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