Tiananmen crash could have been a suicide attack

  • Five have been confirmed dead after yesterday's SUV crash in Tiananmen Square. 

    A Chinese man, a Filipina woman, two tourists and the vehicle's occupants died in what appears to have been a "premediated suicide attack."

    If the Reuters source is correct, this attack is the first to have taken place so close to the government headquarters in China. Another source mentioned that "the three men had no plans to flee from the scene."

    Sources believe the occupants of the vehicle used flammable material to light the car on fire. 

    The SUV came to a stop after traveling 1,200 feet and avoiding street lights and trees; it even avoided some security checkpoints. 

    According to the AP, authorities are now attempting to trace two Ulighur suspects. 

    An expert in Hong Kong said "a lot of bombings" have been "carried out by Ulighur groups... none of them as far as I know have involved suicide."

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