Turkish Officials Say Istanbul Attack was Probably Done by ISIS Leadership

  • Turkish Officials Say Istanbul Attack was Probably Done by ISIS Leadership

    July 1, 2016: The Turkish officials have come up with evidences that show ISIS had involvements with the Istanbul airport terrorist attack. Identified by the state media, the gunmen as well as suicide bombers were from Russia, Kyrgyzsthan and Uzbekistan. They rented an apartment in Fatih district of Istanbul, where one of them left behind his passport. A month ago, they entered Turkey from the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria.


    Turkey Observes National Day of Mourning

    June 30, 2016: After the terror attack took place at Istanbul Ataturk airport, Turkey has observed national day of mourning. The gun and suicide bomb attack killed 42 people including 13 foreign nationals and injured 239, out of which 41 are in intensive care. No-one has claimed carrying out the attack so far.


    Death Toll Goes Higher at Istanbul Terror Attack

    June 29, 2016: The gun and bomb attack at Istanbul's Ataturk airport has killed and injured many. As per the latest reports, the death toll has gone quite higher, in which the dead are forty-one, including thirteen foreigners. More than 230 are injured. The suspected terrorist group for the attack is either IS or Kurdish separatists.

    Terrorist Attack in Istanbul Ataturk Airport Kills 36 and Injures 140

    June 29, 2016: Around 36 people have been killed and 140 injured in the Istanbul Ataturk airport attack on Tuesday. Three gunmen opened fire near the entry point to the terminal, and when the police fired at them, they blew themselves up. The attack is being linked with either Kurdish separatists or IS. However, Prime Minister Binali Yildrim mentioned that the early signs indicated IS responsible for the attack.

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