Suicide Bombing in Mosques in Sana'a, Yemen - More than hundred dead

  • Scores of innocent worshippers gathered at two mosques in Yemen became victims of suicide bombers on Friday leaving 137 dead. The terror-mongers targeted three Shiite rebel mosques in Yemeni capital Sana'a causing a scene of monstrous bloodshed wounding close to 400 people and killing several children. Within a flash as the bombers detonated their explosives, the site of prayers got strewn with bodies and body parts and screaming survivors running amok.  

    According to Al-Masirah TV, owned by Shiite rebels, the Badr and Al Hashoosh mosques in Sana'a were attacked by four terrorists while the fifth attack at another mosque was thwarted in Sa'dah, one of the governorates of Yemen. Though an affiliate of ISIS has taken credit for this deadly assault, some experts don't regard it as credible. 

    Speculation is rife that these suicide attacks can initiate new spate of sectarian frenzy in the war-torn nation.

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