President Santos Welcomes FARC Legislators during Colombian Congress' Inauguration

  • Outgoing Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, in his final speech, welcomed 10 FARC legislators at the opening session of parliament. Santos in his speech welcomed FARC party for giving up arms and also to the “temple of democracy”. 8 FARC legislators out of 10 were sworn in. Jesus Santrich was unable to join the Senate as he was detained for participating in a drug trafficking network after signing of the peace accords were done. FARC has said that the case Jesus Santrich is a setup for sabotaging the peace process. Chief negotiator of the peace accords, Ivan Marquez, also didn’t take a seat at the Senate in protest against violation of the peace accords. Marquez held up the case of Jesus Santrich to argue that no judicial guarantees are there for the demobilized guerrillas.