Powerful Typhoon, 'Haishen' Approaching Japan; Strength on Par With Hurricane Laura

  • As per the officials in Japan, a powerful Typhoon named Haishen is approaching what might be one of the most powerful typhoons to hit the country in decades. The Japan Meteorological Agency said that Haishen is building strength over waters to the south of Japan and is expected to approach the southwestern part of the country from Sunday through Monday, with its full capacity. Tachihara Shuichi, an official from the Japan Meteorological Agency, states "It is necessary to fully consider the possibility that the typhoon will have a bigger impact than we've ever experienced." It is the second massive storm to hit Japan within a week; first being Typhoon Maysak thrashed Kyushu with heavy downpour through Thursday morning. Maysak left at least 20 injured in Kyushu before making landfall on the Korean Peninsula and had caused the widespread blackout and led to the suspension of some bullet trains and flights in the region. An online meeting was also held with government officials where Ryota Takeda, minister for disaster management, urged people to be well prepared for the approaching typhoon and asked them to remain alert and refrain from going out until absolutely necessary. The typhoon is expected to have an atmospheric pressure of 915 hectopascals at its center and winds of up to 288 kilometers per hour on Sunday. The strength is believed to put it on par with the Category 5 hurricane. As per the Meteorologist Robert Speta, Typhoon Haishen could match hurricane Laura, which made landfall in Louisiana in August.

    Map Depicting Location of Typhoon Haishen

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