Poll shows Bernie Sanders Leading the Democratic Nomination, NNU & Ariana Grande Latest to Extend Support

  • Emersion poll (November 17-20, 2019) shows that the Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is gaining momentum in the 2020 Democratic Primary/Caucus (the race for the Democratic nomination). His approval rating has increased by 2% points since October to 27%, leading the Democratic Primary with Joe Biden (also at 27%). He's also leading against President Trump by 50%-to-49%. In response to the new national poll, Sen. Bernie Sanders declared “We're going to win”. His latest challenge is to test his durability in New Hampshire (from where he trounced Hillary Clinton in 2016 US Presidential election by 22 points) especially with the rise of another Democratic senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren (supported by Hillary Clinton). The largest US union of registered nurses, National Nurses United (NNU), has officially endorsed Bernie. NNU Executive Director Bonnie Castillo said, “Bernie, you truly are one of us.” Sanders appreciated NNU’s longtime leadership of the grassroots Medicare for All movement. Pop sensation Ariana Grande becomes the latest celebrity to endorse Bernie Sanders by calling him “My Guy”. The 78-year-old Vermont senator has also been endorsed by many leading stars from the hip hop and rapper community such as Cardi B, Killer Mike, and T.I. Bernie Sanders has criticized Michael Bloomberg's $30 million advertising campaign by saying that he’s disgusted by the idea of the billionaires who think that “they can circumvent the political process and spend tens of millions of dollars to buy elections.” He also suggested Bloomberg (who is reportedly considering entering the 2020 Democratic presidential race) that “if you can’t build grassroots support for your candidacy, you have no business running for president.”