Oscar Pistorius detective on attempted murder charges

  • The detective leading the Oscar Pistorius inquiry is facing seven charges of attempted murder, police confirmed on Thursday.

    As Pistorius’ bail hearing resumed for a third day in Pretoria, it emerged that detective Hilton Botha was allegedly involved in a shooting two years ago.

    Pistorius has been charged with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, 29.

    Police spokesman Neville Malila said that Botha and two other officers were due to appear in court in May.

    Malila said the three allegedly opened fire on a minibus taxi loaded with passengers while driving a state-owned vehicle in 2011.

    He added the charges against Botha had originally been dropped but were reinstated.

    It is now unclear whether Botha will continue working on the case.

    Pistorius claims he shot Steenkamp through a bathroom door after believing she was an intruder.

    On Wednesday, Botha took the stand, saying he arrived at the house at 4:15 am and found Steenkamp lying dead on the floor.

    She had been shot in the right side of her head, her right hip and her right elbow, according to Botha.

    Two days were initially set aside for the bail hearing but it seems it may only be completed until the end of the week.

    If denied bail, Pistorius could face months in prison before a full trial begins.

    The case has sparked immense interest in South Africa, where Pistorius is seen as a national hero.

    Popularly known as "blade runner", Pistorius was born without a fibula in both legs.

    He made history at the 2012 London Games when he became the first double-amputee track athlete to compete in the Olympics.

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