North Korea demands pullout of US army from South Korea

  • North Korea on Monday demanded that US troops be pulled out from South Korea, saying US military presence in South Korea is a pretext for "ceaseless north-targeted saber-rattling".

    "Behind the Korean War and all armed conflicts and skirmishes that broke out on the Korean Peninsula for the past 70 years was the US that has deployed huge forces in South Korea to stage provocative actions," media reports quoted a North Korean foreign ministry spokesman as saying in a statement.

    The statement said the US-South Korea joint drills now "have become a main factor of aggravating confrontation and distrust" not only between North Korea and the US but between the two Koreas.

    The statement accused the US, prompted by its "Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific" strategy, of periodically making provocative military actions to amp up tensions on the peninsula. (Source: IANS)


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