NASA Probing First Ever Crime Committed from Space

  • NASA is reportedly probing the first ever alleged crime committed in space. Summer Worden (estranged spouse of astronaut Anne McClain) had reportedly filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission earlier this year complaining that McClain accessed her private financial records without permission while she was still on her 6-month mission on ISS (International Space Station). Worden’s family reportedly also filed a complaint with NASA's Office of Inspector General. Anne McClain’s lawyer acknowledged that her client did access her estranged spouse’s account from space but denied any wrongdoing. Anne McClain (who gained fame after being chosen for a historic all-female spacewalk) insisted that by accessing the bank account she was merely shepherding the intertwined finances of the couple so that proper care of their son is taken and the bills are paid. While FTC hasn’t yet responded to the allegations, investigators of NASA have already contacted McClain and her estranged spouse.