Location map of multiple explosions in China

  • Another explosion in China
    Oct 01, 2015 - Just a day after multiple parcel bombs rocked China, authorities are investigating a new explosion in Guangxi province. According to media reports, it is not clear as to what caused the new explosion at an apartment block in Liucheng County. No casualties have been reported so far. On Wednesday, 17 different explosions occurred in Liucheng on. A suspect, believed to have sent out the bombs in a mail, has been arrested. It is not clear whether the Thursday’s explosion is linked to the series of explosions that occurred on Wednesday.  

    Multiple explosions in China, seven dead

    Sep 30, 2015 - At least seven people were killed in multiple blasts in southern China.  According to media reports, 51 people were injured and two are missing in around a dozen explosions, which took place in Liaozhou located in Guangxi region. The blasts, which came ahead of a national holiday, were due to bombs that were concealed inside courier delivery packages. The government is investigating the incident and has ruled out the possibility of terrorism. However, authorities have identified a 33-year-old suspect, who is surnamed Wei.  

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