Mauritania deports former Libya spy chief

  • Deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's former intelligence chief is being held in Tripoli after being deported from Mauritania.

    Senussi was arrested on arrival in Mauritania in March, leading to frequent requests to the west African nation from the Libyan government for his return.

    He was arrested at Nouakchott airport after flying in from Morocco, disguised as a Tuareg chief with a fake passport.

    He was charged with illegally entering the country and using forged documents. He was transferred to a prison in the capital but it is widely believed that he spent most of his time under house arrest at a private villa.

    Libya has pledged a fair trial for Senussi, who is accused of crimes committed during Gaddafi's rule.

    He fled the country following last year's uprising. He is also wanted by France and the International Criminal Court.

    A spokesman for Libya's attorney general said Senussi was in good health, adding that prosecutors were looking to question him as soon as possible.

    Senussi has been accused of several human rights crimes, including his alleged role in the 1996 massacre of some 1,000 inmates at the Abu Salim prison in Tripoli.