Lebanese PM Mikati's cabinet resigns

  • Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced the resignation of his government on Friday.

    The move follows an impasse to approve a commission to oversee elections planned for June.

    The cabinet was also unable to agree on an extension of the term of office of the internal security chief, who is otherwise set to retire next month.

    In addition, Lebanon has also been at the center of a political crisis linked to the unrest in neighboring Syria.

    Following the announcement, Mikati said he hoped his departure would provide "an impetus for leaders to shoulder their responsibilities".

    He also called on political parties to "come together to bring Lebanon out of the unknown".

    President Michel Suleiman is yet to issue a comment on whether he will accept his resignation.

    Mikati became prime minister after Hezbollah and its allies ousted the unity cabinet of Saad Hariri.