Kenya mall attack was thoroughly planned

  • Some of the gunmen involved in attacking Kenya's Westgate Mall reportedly used G3 assault rifles, which are carried by security officers in Kenya. 

    An American official said those guns were most probably stored beforehand since "you don't bring something like a crew-served weapon through the door," he said. 

    Officials have mentioned that the al-Shabab militants stored the guns in one of the stores inside the mall days before the actual attack; some militants even stored extra clothes since witnesses have revealed that some of the militants ditched their guns, changed their clothes and escaped with the rest of the people after the attack. 

    The Times said the act was rehearsed and even the smallest details about the building were studied. 

    Although the president of the country had announced the end of the siege, shots were still being heard this morning. A government spokesman clarified and said it were the Kenyan forces, who were proactively firing before entering the rooms in the mall. 

    A spokesman also said the building collapsed as a result of the militants setting a fire but a Twitter account associated with al-Shabab suggests otherwise and mentions that the government demolished the mall itself. 

    The Twitter account has also mentioned the burial of 137 hostages and the use of "chemical gases" by the government but a spokesperson has denied these statements and said even the bodies in the rubble have been included in the official death toll of 61. 

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