Ivanka Trump Taunted for Defending her Father in Berlin

  • As per reports, Ivanka Trump attended the W20 summit in Berlin on Tuesday where she was jeered by the members of the audience for defending her father Donald Trump. The taunts came after she said that her father has been a champion of supporting families and making it possible for them to prosper.

    The moderator of the panel, Miriam Meckel, who is the editor in chief of the financial weekly WirtschaftsWoche, said that Donald Trump displayed some attitudes toward women which might leave people questioning whether he really believes in empowering women.

    However, after receiving taunts from the audience in stride, Ivanka said that she is learning politics and it is always better to oppose openly.

    The meeting focused on women’s leadership in the Group of 20 nations was also attended by Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund.