Falluja: US airstrikes hit a convoy carrying ISIS militants

  • Falluja: US airstrikes hit a convoy carrying ISIS militants

    June 30, 2016: Dozens of ISIS militants trying to flee Falluja were killed when US airstrikes struck a convoy of more than 500 vehicles that were leaving the city. According to Iraqi officials, the operation, which is still underway, began on Monday night. Media reports quoted a US official as saying that a precision strike was conducted by the US fighter jets on a multi-truck convoy that was leaving a Falluja suburb.

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    Iraqi Forces Recapture Fallujah City Hall

    June 17, 2016: Iraqi government forces have recaptured the Fallujah City hall which has been held by the IS. Lt. Gen Abdul Wahab al-Saadi said the city council building has been liberated by rapid response forces and elite counter Terrorism Force Troops. Earlier, they had retaken the industrial district located in the east of the city.

    ISIS militants targeting civilians trying to escape from Falluja, says NGO

    June 6, 2016: A European non-profit working in Iraq has said that the ISIS is targeting civilians who are fleeing Falluja. Iraqi forces and militia are trying to recapture the city which is currently under the control of the ISIS. The Norwegian Refugee Council said that as Iraqi security forces close in on the city, around 50,000 people are still trapped in Falluja. ISIS militants are shooting civilians who try to escape from its clutches. 

    ISIS launches counter-attack as army moves in Falluja:

    May 31, 2016: As Iraqi troops continue to push into Falluja, ISIS militants are fighting to hold their ground. The ISIS launched a dawn counter-attack on the Iraqi forces. Media reports quoted army officers as saying that scores of ISIS fighters attacked the troops as they advanced through the southern suburb of Nuaimiya. Though the army defeated the militants; however they suffered casualties. 

    Iraqi army begins operation to storm Falluja:

    May 30, 2016: The Iraqi army has begun an operation to launch an assault on Falluja, an ISIS bastion. As per media reports, this initiative comes a week after the government launched an effort to recapture the city. Falluja has been under the control of the ISIS since 2014. Only a few hundred families have been able to escape from Falluja, while an estimated 50,000 people are still trapped inside the city. As per an officials statement, state forces, which also include members of an elite counter-terrorism unite, are moving into Falluja.

    UN fears for the safety of 10,000 families trapped in Falluja:

    May 25, 2016: As heavy fighting rages around Falluja and the Iraqi forces press in to recapture it from the ISIS, the United Nations has expressed concern for the safety of around 10,000 families that are trapped in the city. On Monday the Iraqi military launched an offensive to retake Falluja, which is located around 65 kilometers west of Baghdad. The Iraqi air force has dropped leaflets on the city instructing citizens to leave and promising then safe passage; however, the ISIS is preventing residents from leaving.

    Iraqi PM announces start of military operation to retake Falluja:

    May 23, 2016: The Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi, has announced the beginning of a military operation to recapture Falluja from the ISIS. As per media reports, civilians have been warned to leave Falluja by the Iraqi military. Meanwhile, those unable to leave the town have been asked to raise a white flag above their homes. Shafaq, a pro-Kurdish news website based in Baghdad, has said that ahead of the assault some 20,000 police troops have arrived on the outskirts of Falluja.

    Falluja:USairstrikes hit a convoy carryingISISmilitants