Hunting permit for black rhino sold for $350 K

  • An anonymous hunter has paid $350K in a controversial auction in order to obtain a hunting permit for a rare black rhino. 

    The Dallas Safari Club managed to obtain a hefty sum but had hoped for $1M. This permit is offered by Namibia every year but it was for the first time offered outside the country. 

    Many have criticized the auction: "This auction is telling the world that an American will pay anything to kill their species. This is, in fact, making a spectacle of killing an endangered species," an activist said. 

    The Safari Club noted that the rare animal will be male, old and non-breeding. "There's less than 5,000 black rhinos left on the planet," a father passionate about animal conservation said. "And, if our kids ever want to see a rhino left in the wild, we can't be pulling the trigger on everyone we say is too old to breed," he added.

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