Hong Kong Government Bans Shark Fin at official functions

  • Hong Kong's government announced that people will no longer be served shark fin and two other items at its events. It is also encouraging the government-funded bodies to do the same. 

    Bluefin tuna is an endangered species and the harvesting of black moss is causing desertification. 

    A government spokesperson said "since it is not possible to list all food items of concern exhaustively, the exclusion of these three items from official menus is a start and also serves as an example to raise public education and awareness about sustainability. 

    Conservation groups hailed the move and Alex Hafford, the executive director of Hong Kong-based marine conservation group MyOcean said "we hope the citizens of Hong Kong can follow suit and finally lay this abhorrent tradition to rest."

    Hong Kong is the largest market for shark fin in the world. 

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