Half-naked man breaches security and enteres Merkel's jet

  • An intruder, high on drugs got aboard German Chancellor Angela Merkel's jet. The plane was empty at the time and the man had no intentions of getting it into the air.

    Volkan T, who was identified as a body builder reportedly made plenty of mess including spraying the fire extinguisher foam and dancing on the wing of the aircraft in his underpants. 

    He is said to have entered the Airbus by climbing on one of the wings and pushing the emergency exit. The army surrounded the jet after he finally tripped the alarm. 

    It took about four hours to arrest the body builder armed with ecstasy and marijuana. Finally the authorities had to send in a police dog, which bit the intruder and brought an end to the party. 

    The damage has been estimated to be $133,000. 

    Merkel was watching the opera hundreds of kilometers away while all this was happening. 

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