Guatemala's President expels the head of the UN's anti corruption commission, faces criticism.

  • On Sunday, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales defied the court ruling and expelled Ivan Velasquez, the head of CICIG (International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala). President Morales accused Velasquez of exceeding the mandate. Jimmy Morales, a former comedian, came to power in 2016 after winning the election on an anti-corruption ticket. Several ministers of the Morales govt resigned pertaining to the issue. CICIG has been a problem for President Morales as it is investigating President Morales' campaign financing, since $800,000 were allegedly contributed to his campaign. However, Morales expulsion orders were temporarily blocked by Guatemala's Constitutional Court. Hundreds of people took to the streets outside Velasquez's office and in the centers of Guatemala City to support Ivan Velasquez.

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