French President Macron arrives in Irma-struck Caribbean, pledges aid of 50m euros

  • On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron visited Hurricane Irma struck St. Martin, amidst protests against his labor reforms. Macron pledged to rebuild the French territories which were devastated by Hurricane Irma. Category 5 Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc in the Caribbean islands last week. At least 38 people have lost their lives in Caribbean islands due to hurricane Irma. As per the World Food Programme, 200,000 people were in need of aid in the eastern Caribbean. The French President announced that an aid of 50m euros will be made available as soon as possible to the devastated Caribbean islands. Pertaining to the Caribbean islands, Emmanuel Macron said that the government's “top priority” is to help island residents to return to normal life. Electricity supply has been badly hit and as per the authorities it would take at least three months to normalize the distribution of water.

    Caribbean Islands Map