British PM sends 2 Letters to the European Council President, the Letter Relaying Parliament's Decision to Delay Brexit is Unsigned

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent two letters to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk after the parliament approved the Letwin Amendment and made PM Johnson extend the Brexit deadline by 3 months under the Benn Act. However, Boris Johnson has reportedly sent an unsigned letter relaying the request of the parliament of delaying the Brexit. However, he sent another letter detailing why he believes that an extension of Brexit will not be in the best interests of both the EU and the UK. Though Downing Street believes that the letters fulfill the Benn Act’s requirements, Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry called it a “pathetic” gambit of PM Johnson. Joanna went on to say that on Monday she would push for legal action in the highest court against the PM Johnson’s gambit.