PM Theresa May Meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel

  • PM Theresa May Meets German Chancellor Angela Merkel

    July 21, 2016: UK Prime Minister Theresa May met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday in Berlin. It was her first trip after becoming the Prime Minister of the UK. The meeting was based on smoothening the British negotiations. After the meeting, at a press conference, Merkel mentioned that trade and bilateral relations between Britain and Germany will continue after Britain's final departure from the European Union.

    Theresa May to Continue Adding Ministers to Cabinet

    July 14, 2016: UK Prime Minister Theresa May has formed her government and already gave portfolios to some of the members. Leading Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson is the Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond is the Chancellor, Amber Rudd became the Home Secretary, and Eurosceptic David Davis is the new Brexit Secretary. The new Prime Minister will be filling out her new cabinet later on Thursday.

    Britain's New Prime Minister, Theresa May

    July 13, 2016: Former Home Secretary, Theresa May is all set to form her own government and take the Prime Minister's chair on Wednesday. May, who backed the remain campaign will be handling the task of negotiation of Britain's exit from the European Union. Mrs. May has said Brexit means Brexit and there is no backdoor to the EU.

    David Cameron to Exit, Theresa May to Enter

    July 12, 2016: David Cameron will be resigning on Wednesday and Theresa May, home secretary since 2010 will be taking over. After Andrea Leadsom's decision of quitting the race to become the Prime Minister of the UK, Mrs. May became the only candidate to take the chair of the British PM. Mrs. May has only 48hours to form her own new team of ministers.

    Andrea Leadsom Pulls Out of Conservative Leadership Race

    July 11, 2016: After she apologized to Mrs. May for suggesting being a mother makes a potential candidate for the job, Andrea Leadsom has pulled her out of the race of conservative leadership. Mrs. Leadsom was a candidate contesting against Home Secretary Therese May to succeed UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

    UK to Get Another Female Prime Minister

    July 8, 2016: After getting separated from the European Union and eliminating Michael Gove in the second round of voting, the contest will be fought by MP Theresa May against MP Andrea Leadsom. As announced by chair of the Conservative Private Members' Committee, May secured 199 votes and Leadsom 84. UK is all set to get its second female Prime Minister.

    Pound Falls Low Against Dollar in Asian Market

    July 6, 2016: Following UK's decision to 'Leave' European Union, the Pound is witnessing a new low in the Asian trading. On Wednesday, it has touched $1.2798 against the dollar. The drop is the result of the US bond yields have fallen to record low. The investors are rushing to pull out their money, because of the uncertainty in the market.

    Nigel Farage to Step Down as Leader of UK Independence Party

    July 4, 2016: One of the major driving forces behind Britain's achievement to 'Leave' from the European Union, Nigel Farage has announced of stepping down as leader of UK Independence Party. He has mentioned that anybody who succeeds David Cameron as the Prime Minister of the Britain should be a long-time Brexit campaigner. He also said he will not change his mind.

    Brexit Campaigner Boris Johnson Says He Won't Succeed David Cameron

    July 1, 2016: Boris Johnson, former London mayor and the leading Brexit campaigner announced on Thursday that he is not going to stand to succeed Prime Minister, David Cameron. He said that he spoke to his colleagues about it and concluded that the person for the position cannot be him. The 'Leave' supporters are not very happy with news.

    Justice Secretary Michael Gove to Contest for the Next UK PM

    June 30, 2016: Justice Secretary Michael Gove, a well-known name in the Brexit campaign is to contest for the next Conservative Party leader as well as UK Prime Minister. He drew the conclusion that Boris will not be able to provide the leadership and even build the team for the purpose.

    Singapore's Largest Lender UOB Suspends London Property Loans

    June 30, 2016: UOB, the largest lender in Singapore, has mentioned that it has debarred its loan programme for the London properties. The decision has been taken because of the uncertainty shown by UK to leave the European Union. In 2015, Singapore used to be one of the top buyers of the London properties.

    Brexit: Obama Says Brexit May Freeze Investment in Britain and EU

    June 30, 2016: The US President, Barrack Obama has warned on global growth after the UK has decided to leave the European Union. He said that Brexit will block the possibilities of investment in Britain and even the entire Europe. He urged the UK Prime Minister as well as the other European Union leaders to be certain about an orderly process for the exit of the Britain.

    David Cameron Not Included in EU Leaders' Next Meet

    June 29, 2016: The second day of summit conducted by European Union is about to begin in Brussels but without the presence of the UK. On Tuesday's meeting, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron mentioned to the other twenty-seven leaders that no matter what shape the future links take but trade and security co-operation will always be very important. However, the EU leaders insisted that there cannot be any negotiation before the UK formally invokes Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

    European Commission Urges UK to Clarify its Position

    June 28, 2016: European Commission chief, Jean-Claude Juncker said that the UK must come up clear about its recent position as it will help to avoid any kind of uncertainty. He also mentioned that being a European he has all the rights to regret the decision taken by the British people. Leaders from Germany, Italy and France have mentioned that there could be no informal talks before Britain starts the exit process.

    David Cameron to Meet EU Leaders

    June 28, 2016: The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron is due to meet the leaders of European Union to have discussion on the ramification of the Brexit vote as well as the way ahead at the EU Summit, taking place in Brussels. On Monday, the French, German and Italian leaders mentioned that there cannot be any formal or informal talks regarding the British exit at this point of time.

    France and Germany on Same Page Over UK's Exit from EU

    June 27, 2016: French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have mentioned that they are in agreement on the ground of handling the fallout from the decision UK took to get separated from the European Union. The two are supposed to hold discussion on the Brexit later in Berlin. Expressing regret to UK's 'Leave' decision, US Secretary of State John Kerry stated that relation between the US and EU would remain close.

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    EU Referendum: Jeremy Corbyn Pledges to Reshape Cabinet

    June 27, 2016: Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader assured the citizens of the UK to come up with a reshaped cabinet on Monday. In protest of his leadership, some of the shadow cabinet leaders have stepped down from their positions; Chris Bryant, Shadow Common leader was the latest one. A no confidence motion opposing Mr. Corbyn is due to discussed by the Labour MPs. Ann Coffey and Dame Margaret Hodge, Labour MPs have submitted the motion and a secret ballot may be held on Tuesday.

    Lord Hill, UK Commissioner of EU to Resign

    June 25, 2016: UK's EU Commissioner In-charge of Financial Services, Lord Hill has expressed his decision to step down very soon. However, he said it will take a few weeks to handover his responsibilities officially. He had urged the British people to remain in the European Union.

    Brexit: EU Leaders Demand Britain's Fast Exit

    June 25, 2016: The six European Union leaders are supposed to hold a meeting on Saturday in Berlin to negotiate with Britain and call its fast exit. The main agenda of the meeting is to make the exit process faster and also to discuss how to stop other countries of the EU from following the same path. This is a measure to prevent more fall of stock market.

    European Union Head, Jean-Claude Junker Insists UK to Leave Fast

    June 24, 2016: After the result came up, European Union head, Jean-Claude Junker exchanged words with President of the European Council Donald Tusk, European Parliament President Martin Schulz and Dutch PM Mark Rutte on Friday morning and brought out a statement that they respected the decision taken by British people. They also insisted UK to give the decision a shape and not to make any delay in leaving. Any delay may extend the uncertainty. They mentioned that they are ready for the negotiations to make with UK regarding the terms and conditions that would be required during the separation.

    David Cameron Announces to Step Down

    June 24, 2016: UK Prime Minister, David Cameron has announced to step down by October as 'Leave' has won. He made an announcement outside the Downing Street, where he stated that he would attempt to bring everything back in place, but 'fresh leadership' is what is required. The Prime Minister had tried to make people comprehend the after effects of Brexit, but majority voted to leave.

    Marine Le Pen Says UK Referendum Proved EU is Decaying

    June 24, 2016: Marine Le Pen, a French politician stated that like many French people, she too is happy for Brexit. In an interview, she mentioned that the UK referendum made it clear that the end of European Union is not very far. It has also boosted her presidential bid which is going to be held next year.

    Pound Dips to Lowest Level in 31 Years

    June 24, 2016: With Britain all set to leave the European Union, the value of pound has crashed to a very low level. A hit of $1.3305 at one stage, which is a dip of over 10%, has come out as a fall which was not seen since 1985. Before the results were coming, the pound saw some rise of $1.50, but after the results, it dipped after 03:00 BST.

    Britain Heads Towards Brexit: 'Leave' Wins

    June 24, 2016: The results are here, which say Brexit has won. After four months of tough campaigning and much curiosity among the people of European Union, Brexit has finally made it. Britain will no longer be a part of the EU. However, it will take two more years for the final exit.

    Leave Campaign Topping with 51% Votes So Far

    June 24, 2016: Leave campaign is marching ahead in the UK referendum with votes of 51% so far. 90% districts, including 15.4 million people have voted for leave campaign; whereas, 14.4 million people have voted for remain campaign. Results have been fetched from 330 voting areas out of 382.

    Leave Campaign Gaining Strength in EU Referendum

    June 24, 2016: Looks like the UK will see a new dawn with votes going more for leaving the European Union. English Shires and Wales voted strongly for Brexit and the count of leave votes were more than 500, 000 at 03:45 BST. Northern Island and Scotland have shown eagerness to remain in the EU and London voted to stay in the EU. Counting is still going on.


    EU Referendum: Polling Stations Open, Nationals are Voting

    June 23, 2016: With much curiosity among the citizens of the European Union on Brexit, the polling stations are open and the British nationals are casting their votes. Prime Minister David Cameron along with his wife, Samantha have already voted and came out of the polling station with a pleasant smile on their face. The polling stations will remain open until at 22:00 BST.


    Leave or Remain – UK All Set to go to Polls in EU Referendum

    June 23, 2016: After 4 months of campaigning and being in the dilemma that whether UK should leave or remain in the European Union, the polling stations will open today from 07:00 BST to 22:00 BST. At least 46, 499,537 people will be casting their votes, on the basis of which the result will be declared. The final result is estimated around the breakfast time on Friday, as mentioned by the Electoral Commission.


    The Last Day Campaigning Before the EU Referendum

    June 22, 2016: The four months of campaigning will close on the last hours of Wednesday, a day before the referendum. Politicians are making their effort to convince citizens to vote or not vote for Brexit. Over 46 million people are eligible to cast their vote in the referendum. Jeremy Corbyn, David Cameron and Tim Farron, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage will be seen addressing the rallies on Thursday.


    EU Referendum: Letter Signed by Over 1,280 Business Leaders

    June 22, 2016: Expressing the desire for the UK to remain in the EU, over 1,280 business leaders, which include directors from the 51 FTSE 100 companies have signed letter. In the joint letter, bosses have mentioned that being a part of the EU would be helpful for the firms to remain stronger, while getting separated would hurt the exporters as well as the small and medium firms who are associated with them.


    Brexit: Europeans not Begging, but Would Want Britain to Stay

    June 21, 2016: As only two days are left for the UK's European Union referendum, some of the British voters are still hoping for Britain to stay and create a better union. Enda Kenny, Irish Prime Minister stated that the EU is in need of a renewal and they would need a strong UK to come up with the reform agenda, which will ultimately be helpful for the union to regain growth as well as competitiveness.

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