Bernie Sanders leads the Average of all Polls in the Iowa Caucus just 2-days Before Actual Polling Date

  • Iowa Caucus poll average shows that 24% of the Democratic supporters chose Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as their first choice, which is a significant lead over the 20% support for former Vice President Joe Biden. Just 2-days before the Iowa Democratic Primary election, other leading Democratic contenders are Pete Buttigieg with 16% support, Elizabeth Warren with 15% support, Amy Klobuchar with 10% support, Andrew Yang with 4% support, and Tom Steyer with 4% support.  However, what’s most interesting in the Hawkeye state is the stark divide in the first choice of the Democratic Presidential candidate between the two age groups: 18-49 years and above 65 years. While the below-50-years age-group overwhelmingly prefers Bernie Sanders (39% support) over Joe Biden (7%), the 65+ age group prefers Joe Biden (37%) over Bernie Sanders (9%). The larger turnout of any one of the age-groups would decide the fate of the Democratic candidate in the Iowa Caucus. Winning the Iowa caucus is very important for a Democratic candidate because the poll data since 2000 shows that the candidate (Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton in 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2016 respectively) that wins Iowa Caucus ultimately wins the Democratic nomination. Bernie Sanders seems to be the best bet for the transgender people as his platform includes many excellent policies as well as sweeping universal programs for fixing unique problems of trans-life involving jobs, education, housing, and healthcare.