Al-Qaida Activist Saeed al-Shihri Dead

  • One of the top Al-Qaida activists in Yemen, Saeed al-Shihri, died from wounds sustained in a US attack last year, said SABA, the country's official news agency. al-Shihri reportedly died in southern Yemen. He was a Saudi national and had been among the deadly mujahideens who fought in Afghanistan. Al-Shihri was imprisoned by the US and spent six years in prison at Guantanamo Bay. He was fatally hurt last year during the US drone attack of Saada and had slipped into coma. al-Shihri's death had been preciously announced in September last year but was later retracted. Using the name Abu Sufyan al-Azdi, al-Shihri had posted messages on various boards debunking rumors of his death.