7 South American Countries agree to Reforest Amazonia after Deforestation increased by 92% in 2019

  • Seven South American countries (Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Guyana, and Suriname) have signed a pact at a summit in Colombia where they agreed to work on reforestation. This pact helped to set up a disaster response network as well as disaster monitoring. While the Colombian Presiden Iván Duque said: “This meeting will live on as a coordination mechanism for the presidents that share this treasure - the Amazon”, Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra said that goodwill will not be enough anymore to save the Amazonia rainforest. During the summit at Leticia city of Colombia, all the participating South American countries agreed to increase the role of indigenous communities in saving the rainforest and also put more efforts in education. Reports say over 80,000 fires broke out in the Amazonian rainforest in 2019 itself, raising a global concern about the very existence of the Amazon. The National Institute for Space Research’s preliminary data shows that in the first 8-months of 2019, the extent of deforestation increased by 92% to 6,404.8 sq km (2,472.91 sq mi). The extent of deforestation reached 1,700.8 sq km (657 sq mi) in August.