6-year old boy drowns on cruise

  • A fun family vacation turned into a nightmare when a 6-year old boy drowned inside a pool on a Miami-based cruise line. 

    Reports suggest that the boy was with his family members around the pool and playing with his 10-year old brother inside the pool at the time of the drowning. Passengers on the ship pulled the 6-year old out when they spotted him motionless but he was pronounced dead at the scene. 

    The ship reached Port Miami this morning and the police department has been investigating since. The drowning is said to have been accidental without any foul play. 

    One of the passengers Shaina Shaw, who helped pull the young boy out of the water said "they had to pull the mother away and the father. The father was next to his son pleading and begging his son to stay alive." Shaw also cried as she recalled the details of the incident. 

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