Is the Silk Road mastermind really Ross Ulbricht?

  • FBI successfully took town Silk Road in October of last year along with its mastermind "Dread Pirate Roberts." The FBI claims that the man is actually Ross Ulbricht, who has been described to be an ordinary and intelligent man. However, a piece in the New York Ties questions if the mastermind is actually Ulbricht, who was once an Eagle Scout and helped a woman in a wheelchair. 

    David Segal notes that it may be hard for Ulbricht's lawyer to prove that he's innocent considering that Ulbricht asked to receive back millions of his Bitcoins, which were taken from his laptop. Where else could that fortune come from if not through Silk Road?

    It's not clear how the FBI found the man but an IT job listing, which took applicants to his email account, containing his photo and Silk Road's main servers, played a role. 

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