EU looking to stop drivers from over-speeding

  • Bothered by the number of people in the European Union that die in road accidents annually has led the EU to come up with a plan to stop drivers from over speeding. 

    The EU is pushing a high-tech plan and hoping to reduce the number of deaths by one third by 2020. 

    There are two ways that the "Intelligent Speed Adaptation" could work. Cameras on the vehicles would either read the speed limits or the satellites would catch those that are driving above the speed limits. Moreover, these devices might either be able to apply the brakes on behalf of the drivers or simply warn them when they're going too fast. 

    The plan has already been met with resistance from Britain, where deaths due to road accidents have been considerably reduced since 1926. 

    Britain has warned that the plan could "take away people's ability to get themselves out of trouble with a quick burst of speed." However, it said it would approve of the warnings that would be given to the drivers. 

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