Debut awards show by YouTube was chaotic

  • The first awards show by YouTube was livestreamed and kind of interesting. 

    The unscripted show was directed by Spike Jonze and hosted by Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts. 

    "Scripts, it turns out, were invented for a reason," Jessica Gelt of the LA Times wrote. Although, some of the videos on YouTube that involve cats and babies are fun to watch, actual music videos should probably be planned properly. 

    Hilary Hughes of USA Today referred to the show as being "frenzied" and said it "got distracted by its own gimmick, and the chaos overwhelmed the otherwise inspired performances and subsequent dance parties. 

    However, there were some who enjoyed the mess. Chris Martins mentioned that the imperfections were all the more reason to keep watching it. 

    The show took place in New York City. 


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