Young football players take adult-size hits

  • A new study regarding the danger aspect of football is guaranteed to shock parents. According to researchers, kids as young as seven absorb hits with the same impact as those delivered by grown-ups on their fellow peers. 

    The study also revealed that these hits are a lot in number. One of the researchers said "the number of hits and magnitude was a lot higher than people would have estimated."

    Kids, who are aged 7 or 8 take approximately 11 hits per game. None of the 19 kids that participated in the study got concussions but some of the hits were strong (80g of force), which presented a high risk. 

    Researchers have suggested that youth football leagues should go easy on the physical content during practices; most hits come during practices. 

    A high school team in western New York canceled the rest of the season since one of its players got injured on his head and died a few days later. 

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