Johnny Manziel's parents worried

  • The life of Johnny Manziel, a college football celebrity has been widely documented. His every move has been dissected since the time he won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman but his personal life had never been covered like it was recently in ESPN The Magazine. 

    The Texas A&M quarterback's parents were the main subjects in the writing and through the article, they expressed their worries about their son's star persona preventing him from "growing up". 

    After Johnny's arrest, Paul and Michelle insisted that their son saw an alcohol counselor and got therapy for his anger issues. Paul Manziel said Johnny still needs love and guidance and that he won't give up on his son because then there wouldn't be anyone left to take over. "The school sure as hell isn't gonna do it," he said. 

    Michelle said she understood the change that affected her son on the day of the shocking Alabama win. She said she saw the look in his eyes, "one she'd never seen on a football field: panic and fear."

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