Why artists are not embarrassment of vegas residencies anymore

  • It used to not be pleasant to know that an artist is moving to Las Vegas to take up recurring gig but things have changed. Celine Dion's residency at Caesars came with special effects and other artists followed the trend. 

    Besides, the average age of artists to reside in Vegas has come down to 45 from 49. 

    Moving to Vegas also cuts down artists' cost on transportation since its not cost effective to fly all performers. "You can do bigger and better things by not having to tear down every night, drive 300 miles and build it back up," Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil said. 

    Dion gave Spears some advice on her Vegas gig and said she should "find an emotional balance between the artist that she is and the mother" and be the best of both worlds. 

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