Man charged with trying to extort money from chef Paula Deen

  • A New York man who tried to extort $250,000 from celebrity Paula Deen was arrested. This man, Thoman George Paculis, of Newfield, New York was arrested and charged with extortion, according to the FBI. 

    Deen had lost a lot of business deals since she admitted to using a racial epithet for black people. In fact, a former employee of Paula Deen Enterprises is suing Deen and her brother for racial and sex discrimination in the work place. According to the FBI, Paculis said he had damning information but the affidavit never specified that information, if any. 

    Paculis said in the email he sent to Deen's attorney specifying the statements to be true and damning enough for Jackson's case to be won on its own merit. Hodges and Paculis exchanged several emails after the FBI was contacted and then Paculis told Hodges he wanted $250,000 to not go to the media. 

    Paculis is scheduled to appear before a federal magistrate judge in Savannah because the charges were filed in a federal court in Georgia.