$70,000 worth of equipment stolen from Flock of Seagulls

  • The band Flock of Seagulls reported a van theft of $70,000 in equipment during a gig in Southern California. The 1980s band's frontman Mike Score said that the theft happened at around 2 a.m Sunday. 

    Surveillance footage shows the theft and members of the band said they believe they were followed from a show in Bellflower Saturday night. Score mentioned that besides the equipment, the van also had a hard drive with files from his first solo album. He said it was 18 months of work. 

    "People who do this kind of thing will never have a real life," he said, in an interview with the Daily News. "I think Karma in the end will come around and take whatever they have got."

    The band performed at another show the next day using rented equipment and is continuing its tour in London, as reported by AP. 

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