NYC inmates cost about $168K per year

  • The annual cost of an inmate in New York is $167,731, which is $460 a year for an average of $12,287 prisoners. That's higher when compared to other cities: The cost in Los Angeles is $128.94 a day and $145 in Chicago. 

    According to experts, the reason for this high cost is the 400-acre Rikers Island that costs millions of dollars every year to run. Reports suggest that costs could be cut down if the island is replaced with jails next to courthouses. Although $30.3M is spent solely on transportation per year, no one wants to go through with the replacement. 

    The former correction commissioner of the city said there hasn't been a lot of outcry on the huge figure because "nobody cares."

    He mentioned that Rikers Island helps to put "these guys put out of public view."

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