KFC brings snacks for cupholders in vehicles

  • KFC has figured out that cars' cupholders can even hold food; this proves that the fast-food chain is attempting to think out the box. 

    A company spokesman said the idea was "born out of an effort to make our food more portable."

    KFC even conducted a survey, which showed that more than half of car owners between the ages of 18 to 32 would be more likely to eat inside their cars if the cupholders held the food. Many of them said they were "one hander" eaters and the other hand would obviously be used for driving. 

    Although the idea sounds good, carrying it through was not quite easy. The different sizes of the cupholders in cars was an issue but KFC mentioned that it's going with the standard size of a soda can, which will work for 83 percent of the cupholders. 

    A divider was used to separate one snack from the other; several options are available and the Go Cups are priced at $2.49. 

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