Consumer Reports doesn't approve of 3 Toyotas

  • Although, Toyota beat GM in sales and moved 2.5 million of its vehicles between the months of July and September, it's still not enjoying this news to the fullest since Consumer Reports recently pulled its recommendation of three Toyota vehicles namely, the Camry, Prius V and RAV 14, given the lousy crash results. 

    The new test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety assesses the safety of a vehicle after hitting its front corner against something. 

    Over 60 vehicles have been tested so far and only 13 of them have received a "poor rating." Out of those 13, only three Toyotas and one Audi were listed on Consumer Reports. 

    "Honestly, we don't take this lightly, but virtually every vehicle now in the family sedan category has been tested and the only one that has gotten a 'poor' is the Camry," the auto testing director of the magazine said. 

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