Cellphones used as learning tools in schools

  • Although, schools have banned the usage of cellphones in classrooms, students at a school outside Chicago were made to call each other during a French class to be able to converse with each other in the foreign language. Students are also expected to be carrying iPhones and iPads with them to a school near Cincinnati. 

    According to a new study, 73 percent of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers revealed the fact that students complete assignments with the help of phones. Dan Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administration said the trend to use cellphones in classrooms has begun after the Sept. 11 attacks since the school systems started to relax on the prohibition of cellphones following the red alerts. 

    Natalie Milman, an education technology professor at George Washington University said the opportunity to make use of the educational value of mobile phones shouldn't be denied. Milman said "new features have made these devices relevant to education."

    The classrooms have begun to use cellphones as clickers and some schools have allowed students to complete their schoolwork using their devices as well. 

    Apart from having these advantages, the reasons why cellphones were originally banned in classrooms are still relevant- Overuse, sexting, cheating, and so on. However, superintendent of the high school located outside of Chicago, George Fornero said the children bring cellphones to schools irrespective so they should be allowed to use their devices in constructive ways. 

    However, a majority of the schools in the country don't have enough funding to be able to support digital learning and the federal government is making efforts to close this divide. President Obama is looking to connect 99 percent of the schools in the country to the Internet.

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